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Keep Your Mulch in Place with Mulch-Lock

Mulching your landscape is hard work, fixing your mulch after a rainstorm is annoying work. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just hairspray all the mulch in place? Well you can with Mulch-Lock®.
This water-based adhesive solves this irritating problem by “locking” in place mulch and other ground cover, such as wood chips, pine straw, gravel, sand and dirt. Amazingly, the treated mulch also retains its natural color longer into the season because of the adhesive blocking out UV rays that inevitably discolor it. [Read More…]

Easy Edging Techniques & Prepping for Mulch Beds

Stauffers Home & Garden expert shares tips and techniques for edging and prepping mulch beds for mulch in this video.

Tips include:
– Use a rope or hose to mark the edge of your intended bed.
– We recommend using a moon-shaped edger to dig into your sod.
– Lay a weed barrier over your mulch bed before adding the mulch.
– Use Preen at the beginning of the season and end to keep weeds from germinating. [Read More…]

How to Estimate How Much Mulch You Will Need

It’s time to mulch and if you need to figure out how much mulch you need, we’ve got the formula for you! The video below explains how to pace out your mulch bed to estimate how much mulch you will need.

To determine your square footage multiply the length and width of your space. The average step is 2 feet 5 inches in length so count the steps of your length, then count the steps of your width and use this formula. [Read More…]

Garden Guy Shares Why Mulching In Early Spring is Good

Stauffer of Kissel Hill’s Garden Guy shares with WGAL-TV why mulching your beds in early spring is a good thing. If you’ve got any mulch questions, stop in and ask our experts for advice. It’s just that easy!
  [Read More…]


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How To Plant And Care For America’s Favorite Vine
Support your local clematis
Some clematis climb only a few feet, but some of the more vigorous ones can stretch out 50 feet. That’s why you’ll want to plant all but the shrubbiest varieties next to a trellis, arbor or other support. The twining tips will wind their own way up strings and fencing, but you’ll have to train them or tie them up poles and other large or smooth surfaces. [Read More…]

How to Get Your Weedy Lawn Back Under Control

Turn your back for a second, and it’s astonishing how fast weeds can gain a foothold in the lawn.   From those early-spring patches of speedwell to May’s golden fields of dandelions to the fat leaves of summer plantain, Mother Nature has a varied lineup to fill any bare soil.
Different weeds germinate at different times throughout a growing season — including winter in much of America. Some of them come and go with each season (annuals), [Read More…]

Fruit Trees

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There are many good reasons to grow your own fruit trees – the huge choice of varieties not found in stores, money savings, control over which and how many sprays are used, trees provide ornamental features such as blooming as well as being productive, and it is fun! It isn’t always easy, dealing with diseases, bugs, and those ever-threatening late frosts that kill buds, but when you sink your teeth into one of those fresh-off-the-tree Redhaven peaches that YOU grew, [Read More…]

Azaleas & Rhododendrons

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Soil & Location
Rhododendrons and azaleas are broadleaf evergreens requiring a well-drained, acidic soil (pH 5-6 range). An eastern exposure is the best site for these flowering shrubs. Both enjoy the morning sun for their foliage and flower growth, but prefer to keep cool in the afternoon shade. Azaleas will generally tolerate more sun than rhododendrons, but a light or filtered shade is preferable for both. This will help to retain moisture as well as keep the bloom color vivid. [Read More…]

Vegetable Gardening

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There’s A Better Way With This Handy-Dandy Plan
Maybe you’ve had success vegetable-gardening the old-fashioned, single-row, till-the-flat-ground way. Or maybe not.
If you’re up for something new, here’s a better way to grow more veggies in less space with less work. It’s a “Stauffers of Kissel Hill approved” system that pulls together elements from a lot of different gardening techniques. And it’ll work whether you’re a green rookie or a seasoned veggie veteran. [Read More…]

Planting Services

It’s Easy
Just see a Team Member to schedule an installation, mark the location(s) with our provided plant flags. Be sure the name of the plant is on each flag. Make sure to have the location(s) marked before we install your plants.
One Price
All prices include soil amendment, mulch, root stimulator, delivery within ten miles from the store, and planting.
Add $5.00 a mile for each additional mile over ten miles.
Sod & [Read More…]

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