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Mulch, Soil, Stone, Firewood and Pavers

When it comes to mulch, soil, stone, firewood and pavers, Stauffers garden centers is your one stop shop. Its all right here! We carry a huge selection of bagged and bulk mulches, firewood, soil conditioners and stone products.   If you are dreaming of a hardscaping project for your backyard oasis, we have that covered [Read More...]

Hosta, How to Grow

  Download PDF   Hostas are the perfect shade perennials. Most require shade, but a few will tolerate some sun. They are easy to grow and will thrive even among tree roots. Selecting your Hosta: There are many varieties of Hosta, and you should consider many factors before choosing your plants. On the reverse side of this [Read More...]


Download PDF While most types of brugmansia, or angel’s trumpets, can thrive year round outdoors in warmer climates, they need to be protected from freezing temperatures, especially when growing brugmansia in cold climates. Therefore, wintering brugmansia indoors is oftentimes recommended. Follow these tips for over-wintering brugmansia in your home. Growing Brugmansia in Cold Climates Over-wintering brugmansia indoors [Read More...]


Download PDF General Information: The caladium is a tuber. It stocks food in an underground stem, having a tough skin that generates roots from many parts of its surface. Usually short, fat, and rounded, it has a knobby surface with growth buds, or eyes, from which the shoots of the new plant emerge. Caladiums produce new tubers that [Read More...]

Flowering Annuals

Download PDF General: Annuals give maximum garden color and beauty, provide cut flowers, and allow the gardener lots of creativity. They bloom continuously and are, as a rule, carefree plants. To get the most from your annuals, here are a few guidelines. Selection: Pick the right plant for your garden spot – sunny, shady, dry, wet, [Read More...]

Jerusalem Artichoke

Download PDF A double-duty perennial offers sunflower-like golden flowers and an edible root. Jerusalem artichokes or sunchokes (Helianthus tuberosus) blooms in late summer. Choosing the site: These tall plants will towers sometimes up to 12 feet. Plant in the back of the flower bed and give it plenty of room. This plant is stoloniferous meaning it will [Read More...]

Vegetables in Containers

Download PDF Vegetables can be grown in containers easily. It is a good choice for those who have limited yard space or physical limitations. Any container can be used provided it has adequate drainage; good drainage is essential. Select pots with holes in the bottom or sides. If a pot lacks holes, drill three or [Read More...]


Download PDF   Introduction Over the centuries this exotic spice, favored in Spanish, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisine, has found its way into many Lancaster county kitchens by virtues of numerous, tasty Pennsylvania Dutch recipes such as browned buttered noodles and chicken pot pie. Dried saffron is an expensive spice, often close to $1 SO a pound, [Read More...]


Download PDF   Flowering crabapples are beautiful, small trees for the landscape. There are few other trees as spectacular in bloom as a crabapple. Deep red to pink buds swell in April opening to a prolific display of flowers, varying in shades of white, pink and rosey-red. They have attractive green, reddish, or bronze foliage [Read More...]

Fall is for Planting

Download PDF     Don’t put your garden tools away just yet. There is still time for a few more important garden projects this fall. Why is Fall planting so good? • Warm soil temperatures encourage root growth. Roots continue to grow through the winter until the ground freezes, and then continue development in spring at [Read More...]

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