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New Spring Soup In the Kitchen!

April 26, 2016

We’re thinking local in The Kitchen at Rohrerstown & Lititz with a new seasonal recipe! Enjoy Our Own Made Cream of Asparagus soup . This all new seasonal recipe features local grown asparagus, onion and celery and a touch of Parmesan Cheese.
Asparagus leads nearly all produce items in a wide array of nutrients it supplies in significant amounts for a healthy diet. Stauffers is honored to be in partnership with Vince Schwalm, [Read More…]

Fire Up the Savings!

April 26, 2016

Save $10 on a future grocery or meat purchase…
when you purchase $25 of these Grilling & Picnic Products
with your Stauffers Rewards Card between
4/24/16 and 6/1/16. NO LIMIT
Reward certificate will print on your receipt & must be redeemed by 7/16/16.

Vlasic Pickles Sel. Var. 16-24 oz
Vlasic Pepper Rings 12 oz.
Vlasic Relish 10 oz.
Bush’s Baked Beans 22-28 oz.
Sweet Baby Ray’s Sauces 14-80 oz.
Ken’s Sauces
Marinades 16 oz.
Dressing 16 oz. [Read More…]

Add Stauffers Ka-Bobs to your menu!

April 20, 2016

Stauffers Our Own Ka-Bobs make outdoor entertaining festive and fun!
They can be grilled to perfection in minutes and there’s little clean up after the meal, which makes them perfect for backyard picnics and parties. Stauffers creates their delicious ka-bobs from meats such as beef sirloin cubes, boneless chicken or turkey breast, pork, ham, and shrimp. Wishing for veggies? No biggie! We add onions, squash, peppers and baby tomatoes to our ka-bobs making them a complete meal. [Read More…]