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Brianna, Corporate Office

Brianna Stengel, HR Administrative Assistant, Central Office, Team Member since 1997


Bri’s career with Stauffers of Kissel Hill embodies the essence of what we stand for, personal growth and professional development.  Bri started with SKH when she was 15 years old, working in the Produce Department at the Lititz Pike store.  Eventually, Bri moved into Cashier Services and gradually moved her way up to Assistant Cashier Manager.  This past year, Bri made the transition from the store to the Central Office, assuming the role of Administrative Assistant to the Human Resources department.






Brianna Shares With You…

Stauffers is good to their team members, they listen to their needs and genuinely care.  Things like their Team Member Appreciation events and the Caught in the Act program, those are very rare these days and in these economic times.  Anyone can grow in this company, there are a lot of opportunities for upward motion.


My most memorable customer memory came in the form of an elderly customer when I was the Assistant Cashier Manager at Lititz.  The customer approached me at the customer service desk and asked her for some help because she was having trouble seeing the products since she had poor vision.  I took her list and walked her through the store and showed her where everything was.  After that day, this customer would shop every two weeks, and we developed a friendship.


Working in customer service has made me more outgoing.  It changes your perspective, on things, and that is something that you can apply to all aspects of your life.