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How to Make Your Own Sauerkraut

September 11, 2013

Got a-lot of cabbage? What are you going to do with it?
For almost as long as I can remember, in the fall it has been a tradition in my family to  make sauerkraut. This time honored tradition has always taken place during the autumn  months due to the abundance of local cabbage and the ideal sustained temperatures to  allow the cabbage to properly ferment. Thought to have been developed by the Germans, [Read More…]

Chef Courtney’s Family Southern Style Cobbler Recipe

May 3, 2013

Teach Your Children…

A powerful voice of his generation, Graham Nash wrote the lyrics of this timeless song. While  the inspiration came from a politically based photograph, it carries an artistic reflection of the  inherent responsibilities of parents to educate and prepare their children for the future.

What does this have to do with cooking? From a very young age, before I could reach the counter top without standing on a stool,
I was in the kitchen helping my mother. [Read More…]

Real Men Eat Quiche!

March 19, 2013

Spring is almost here and there is one object in particular that most cultures around the world acknowledge with the change of the season. A symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth, it’s the egg.

I raise chickens at home so I rarely take the time to observe the symbolism of the egg. We have six hens right now and will have six more in the spring. One chicken will lay an average of five eggs a week. [Read More…]

Stop throwing out that stale bread!

January 9, 2013

How often do you buy a loaf of bread and more of it has gone stale than what you have eaten? Who wants to eat those dry ends of sliced bread? There is no need to throw those dried up baked goods and your hard earned money in the trash. Stop feeding it to the birds. Put it in the freezer for now and we will find something fun and easy to do with it.
  [Read More…]

Simple Tips to Making a Quick & Easy Meal On The Go

November 6, 2012

I know that there are twenty-four hours in a day, however this time of the year it just seems shorter. Less daylight sometimes makes us feel like we have less time to get everything done for the day. Not to mention the fall clean up, preparing for the holidays and let’s not forget the shopping. Holiday shopping can be much like war. You make a strategic effort to venture out over and over into sometimes unknown territory to do battle with lines, [Read More…]

How To Prepare & Freeze Fresh Pumpkin

October 31, 2012

On a cool early fall morning I wake up to my wife handing me a cup of coffee. She looks at me with sheer excitement and says, “Are we finally going to pick today?” “Let’s go and see” I reply. We take a stroll over to the garden and sure- enough, it’s time to pick pumpkins!
Last Thanksgiving my wife bought some local, organic, heirloom pumpkins. Prized for their decorative appeal many have been buying them only to watch them de-compose by the front door. [Read More…]