Fungal Leaf Spots

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2011 Plant Prescription for Diagnosis: Fungal Leaf Spots


Prescription: Maintain good air circulation within the plant. Avoid over-fertilizing. Do not use overhead irrigation late in the day or in the evening. Use foliar fungicide application as new leaves appear in the spring. Sprays can be discontinued in droughty summer periods. Rake and destroy infected leaves. Do not compost diseased leaves. Select resistant cultivars. The following fungicides are labeled for fungal leaf spots.


Neem Oil (Bonide Rose Rx, Green Light Neem II)

Chlorothalonil (Ortho Garden Disease Control, Daconil)

Captan (Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Bonide Captan)

Sulfur (Bonide Sulfur, Earthtone 3-in-1 Disease Control, Bonide Orchard Spray)


Triforine (Ortho RosePride)

Propiconazole (Bonide Infuse)

Copper (Bonide)


Mix according to label directions and apply only the recommended dosage. Apply material only to

plants specified on the label