Gypsy Moth

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2011 Plant Prescription for Diagnosis: Gypsy Moth


Prescription: Treat young larvae from early to mid May. Treatment is most effective when caterpillars are small. Large larvae are more difficult to control. A second application may be necessary. Treat with one of the following:


Use sticky bands or burlap apron around trunk to trap migrating larvae in June.


Bt – Bacillus thuringiensis (Thuricide) – Spray only in evenings,

when less than 1/2” long

Bayer 3-in-1 Insect, Disease, & Mite Control

Permethrin (Borer-Miner Killer Concentrate)

Bifenthrin (Ortho BugBGon MAX Lawn & Garden Insect Killer Conc.)

Carbaryl (Sevin)

Maxide Insect Killer

Spinosad (Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew)

Pyrethrin (Earthtone Insect Control)


Mix according to label directions and apply only the recommended dosage. Apply material only to plants specified on the label.