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NEW! Flutterby Dwarf Butterfly Bush

May 3, 2013

tuitti fruittiAdd hot summer color to your garden with the new Flutterby Dwarf Butterfly Bush, available in ‘Tutti Frutti’ magenta & ‘Blue Heaven’. This shrub is great for a bed, as a groundcover or in a mixed container growing compact at 24 – 30 inches in height and 24 – 36 inches wide. The Flutterby Dwarf Butterfly Bush also adds entertainment to your back yard by attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.


Plant this in full sun and don’t worry about the heat! It’s both heat and drought tolerant. Enjoy the blooms summer through the first frost, as autumn approaches you’ll notice the leaves turn from a silvery green to a yellow.


One Response to NEW! Flutterby Dwarf Butterfly Bush

  1. Pat Dixon says:

    Should this plant be pruned and if yes, when and how short?

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