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New For 2013: Two Varieties of Hydrangea!

February 18, 2013

Stauffers of Kissel Hill Garden Centers will be unveiling not one but TWO new hydrangea hybrids in our stores this year:


Hydrangea Pistachio

Hydrangea Pistachio – The name is wild but the blooms are even better! They’re a rainbow of red, purple and green, and are ideal for any container or landscape. Plant it in partial sun in the early spring and will grow to about 2 -3 feet tall and it will re-bloom year after year with heavy flowering in early summer.





Hydrangea Ruby Slippers

Hydrangea Ruby Slippers – Ruby Slippers hybrid parents are Snow Queen and Pee Wee, so it’s foliage opens white but then turns a pale pink and deepens into rose. It’s best for shrub borders and mass plantings due it it’s compact, small round shape. Enjoy it year round with blooms in the summer and mahogany red leaves in the fall!


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