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Poinsettia Varieties at Stauffers

December 2, 2011

Greenhouse Buyer, Steve Norman, tells us about the different types of poinsettias offered at Stauffers Garden Center. From new glittering gold poinsettias to classic red…we’ve got it all!

At Stauffers, we hope some of the magic of the Holiday Season comes to life through our beautiful collection of Poinsettia plants. Add some sparkle to your 2011 season with our ‘newest’ Poinsettia variety, “Red Glitter”!  A red & white flower(bract) that is extremely eye catching! You want to see this one!

Also, we will have quite a number of other, relatively “new,” Poinsettia varieties with very unique color tones.   One you should see is, “Ruby Frost”, with its stunning rosy pink flowers (bracts), wow!



Another is,” Ice Punch”, this eye catching variety with patterned bracts, a contrast of rich cranberry color with frosty white centers, framed by dark green leaves, a must have for the holidays!



Another noteworthy variety, “Winter Blush”, is a unique novelty Poinsettia with beautiful marbling of large showy white and pink color bracts.  Add in, the novelty variety, “Premium Ice Crystal”, a red & white bract with what appears to be white snow crystals running down the center, very cool! Here is one you may not have seen before, and we feel you will really like, “Visions of Grandeur”! This ever so lightly peach and pink color looks almost antique with its slightly ruffled bracts.  Add a slash of peppermint pink to cinnamon pink color poinsettias, which include our “Premium Picasso”, DaVinci”, “Marco Polo”, “Monet Twilight”, and “Cinnamon Star”. Also, our group of rich colored maroon, merlot and burgundy varieties are great holiday plants which can coordinate nicely with your home decor colors. Add in some fun shapes and textures for the holidays, with our varieties, “Carousel Dark Red”, “Chianti” and “Winter Rose Red, White or Pink”.


With all this in mind, our traditional vibrant “Red” Poinsettia varieties are still our most popular plants!  We do continue to see a trend with our customers seeking out one of our unique novelty, non-red, Poinsettia plants, early in the holiday season, that is, right after Thanksgiving, when we have our best color selection. We then see folks coming back closer to Christmas, to pick out one of our “red” varieties to add to what they picked out earlier.


In addition, we see a trend in our customers wanting the poinsettias which we add “Gold Glitter” to them. We add a gold glitter to quite a number of our plants and this helps to make the Poinsettia color appear more impressive, that is to say, they really “pop”!  Also our customers are creating Holiday Baskets by using a Poinsettia, in a wide array of colors,  and matching them up with one of our complimentary plants,  which include green and variegated ivy plants, colorful cyclamen, frosty ferns, plumosa ferns, white kalanchoe, Phalaenopsis orchids, A smaller Norfolk Island Pine, or a rosemary plant,  to name a few options. Some absolutely beautiful Holiday creations can be made!


3 Responses to Poinsettia Varieties at Stauffers

  1. Bonnie of Rainbow Carpet Care says:

    I would like to get prices for 3 / 4 bloom pointsetta
    plants for 35 + apartments ?

    We ordered these before in 2010. Everyone enjoyed them


    1. Bonnie of Rainbow Carpet Care says:

      We would like prices of 35 + 3 / 4 bloom pointsetta ‘s


  2. Bonnie of Rainbow Carpet Care says:

    See above

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