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Johann Stauffer, East York

Johann Stauffer, Lawn and Garden Manager, East York Store, Team Member since 1990
Johann has been with Stauffers for almost his entire life. Being a member of the family, he has seen this company from its early days as a single farmers market and garden center.









Johann Shares With You…

I remember being 8 years old, running around, standing on tables, helping my dad sell flowers. I grew up with this company. I have developed some amazing relationships, and have truly appreciated the people I have had the opportunity to work with.

The best part of this job is interacting with customers and being able to have fun with them. You get to develop relationships with them, and many of them turn into repeat customers that you see all the time.

This job and this company teaches you responsibility, teamwork, skills that you can use not just on your job, but in your everyday life. Every interaction is an opportunity. The important choice is what you make of it. You can choose to make it a fun one, or a miserable one.