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actively use news about tragic events as a bait. One of the latest, detected by Trend Micro in cheap Michael Kors outlet mid July, was cheap Michael Kors handbags a spam e mail with "TERROR Michael Kors Handbags HITS LONDON," subject line. The email claims to contain Michael Kors from china a breaking news report from Guardian Unlimited and has a link to the Michael Kors outlet "full story" which leads users to a bogus web page with two Trojans built in. Cgab A and Borodr Fam Trojans slip through unpatched Internet Explorers. These Trojans will allow the criminal to take full control over the infected PC; Michael Kors they also be collecting Michael Kors the user’s personal information and using his computer to send more copies of thesmselves. It’s not the first time these emails are disguised as news alerts there were outbreaks when infected spam posed as CNN news. It seems that spoofing legitimate news agencies to infect more PC users by means of bogus "news alerts" has become a popular social engineering technique. And by all means there will be more of them in future. Alexandra Gamanenko currently works at Raytown Corporation,
site that tries to silently install software that logs the user’s keystrokes, he Replica Michael Kors Handbags said. After that the card is displayed. "It is really quick, nobody notices it," he said. "Unless you actually look at the source of the e mail and say, ‘Hang on, this is a redirect,’ cheap michael kors you wouldn’t actually see it." The miscreants use a flaw in Microsoft’s Windows operating system to drop the spy software and a rootkit to hide it on PCs, Thompson said. Windows users who cheap michael kors have installed the MS06 014 patch, released in May, are not vulnerable to this particular silent drive by installation of malicious software. The attacks appear to have started in April with a new wave of malicious e mail messages sent out every week. Each week the attackers appear to collect a 200MB file with freshly capture information from a server, Thompson said. So far, Exploit Prevention Labs has been able to identify that customers at nearly every Australian bank were compromised, it said in a statement. The cybercrooks have also targeted
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